From 2023, orders must be placed exclusively through our web shop except for personalized promotions.  

We do not guarantee the fulfillment of orders made by phone, WhatsApp, or anything other than the web shop. 

We can print your selling price with our EAN-13, item name and passport and apply on each pot at a price of 0,15 €. 

Customized EAN will not be printed by us. 

 To ensure the best service it is preferable to order at least 24 hours before departure. 


We do not accept complaints for goods that are delivered to the destination more than 4 days after departure from our headquarters. 

Complaints must be made on delivery of the goods; we are not responsible for inappropriate management of plants at the points of sale. 

 The plants must be distanced between them and possibly unloaded from the trolley as soon as they have arrived at their destination; complaints for deterioration of the goods will not be accepted due to the long stay of plants too close to each other on trolleys. 

 The flowering of the plants depends on the natural light, so it could occur that the goods of promotions scheduled on precise dates are not at the desired flowering stage. Südkultur does not guarantee the optimal stage of flowering on specific dates; therefore, we do not accept complaints about this condition. 


Pre-orders are considered non-binding. 

A deposit invoice of 25% of the final value will be issued to make the pre-orders binding; only at the payment of the invoice the reservation will be considered valid and confirmed. 

 Reservations must be at least 10 containers per item, for pot sizes of 27 cm and 33 cm at least of 5 containers, for smaller quantities we cannot create a preorder. 

The payment binds the customer to the collection of the goods. 

 In the event that we cannot deliver the plants due to extraordinary climatic events or production errors, the sum will be returned with a credit note. 


Südkultur has distinguished between short and long extensions since 2021. We therefore ask you to apply the same criteria at the time of the return of the logistic units, otherwise we will issue an invoice equal to the difference in value. We make no distinction between DC and CC Containers. 

The return of the containers must take place in such a time that we can process the orders of the respective customers. 

If the customer has a large negative balance towards us at the time of the order, it will not be possible to process the order.